It is possible to convert most of the gas or solid fuel fires to a bio ethanol fire, or if there is no flue then create a real fireplace using the traditional setup of fire-surround, firegrate with fire and artificial logs. 

EcoSmart BK5

EcoSmart BK5 bio ethanol fire
EcoSmart BK5 drawing

RRP: £1395 incl VAT

EcoSmart VB2

EcoSmart VB2 bio ethanol fire
EcoSmart fire VB2 drawing

RRP: £695 incl VAT

EcoSmart XS340

EcoSmart fires XS340 bio ethanol fire
EcoSmartfires XS340

RRP: £795 incl VAT

EcoSmart XL500

RRP: £1995 incl VAT

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