EcoSmart fires Flex and CV series

Award winning bio ethanol minimalist fireplaces. No chimney no flue no problem

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Get to Know Flex Fireplace Series: Flex Saves You Time and Money

Whether you’re creating a dramatic focal point, a unique room divider, or simply adding warmth to an outdoor space, the Flex innovative system delivers unmatched installation simplicity to save you time and money.

173 standard size Flex fireplace, including the most popular Flex50, Flex68, Flex86 and Flex104) Both standard and bespoke fireplaces can be single sided, corner, 3 sided, double sided or a room divider.  EcoSmart Flex fireplaces can be built into joinery even with TV above.  

Saves you time

All EcoSmart fire Flex series made to make installation easily. 
• Step 1:  Frame opening
• Step 2:  Insert Fireplace into opening
• Step 3:  Secure Fireplace to framing with screws

EcoSmart FX50SS
EcoSmart Flex86RC

Saves you money

Flex requires 3 fewer general contractors than a gas fireplace for a lower cost install.
• No gas
• No electricity
• No venting
• No chimney
• Can be installed into timber joinery

Additional benefits:

• Indoor or Outdoor Installation
• Residential or Commercial
• Certified in accordance with EN16647, British (BSI) tested
• Design Freedom: Whether you’re creating a custom feature or are looking for a ready to install fireplace, we have a solution to suit your needs.

EcoSmart Mad design Flex 500ss

EcoSmart Curved Bio Ethanol Fire series

EcoSmart Curved Fireplace Series are intelligently designed for optimum heat output, flame enhancement and safety. Their high quality, steel construction has been designed to complement a wide range of building materials and finishes, enabling architects, interior designers and homeowners to create a traditional or modern look depending on the project brief. 

Curved design benefits:

Unique curved feature radiates heat outward for full enjoyment and maximum fuel efficiency.

EcoSmart 920CV bio ethanol firebox
Traditional bio ethanol fire

Traditional style

Due to the unique closed design of this EcoSmart fire range, the CV series can be installed with any fireplace surrounds. We have a wide selection of traditional and architectural fire surrounds in stone or in high end marble.

Sliding glass screen

This acts as both a safety barrier and fire shield against the wind.

EcoSmart 720CV
EcoSmart installaiton

Easy to install

With no flue or chimney required, the CV Fireboxes are incredibly easy to install. You can also place TV above the fireplace (by following our recommended clearances)

EcoSmart fire brand is trusted by the best

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