Minimalist Fireplaces

If you are looking for a modern, minimalist, contemporary fireplace for your client, before looking into purely the design, have a look at our infographic below which can help you determine, what type of fireplace your client can have. 

We can offer all design solutions for all types of fireplaces. First you can choose the final look, design of your fireplace you/your client wish to achieve, provide us as much information as possible, drawings, sizes etc..and we can advise you what type of fireplace would be the best solution. 

We don’t just advise, we provide a free project management for you.

Minimalist/Contemporary Fireplace Gallery

Take a peek inside our limitless design possibilities. (click on image to open gallery)

Glass Fronted Gas Fireplaces

FOR HIGH EFFICIENCY (Conventional or Balanced Flue)

Open Effect Fireplaces



With a contemporary twist

Electric Fireplaces

FOR Flueless easy solutions

Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

FOR Flueless Real fires

Balanced Flue Gas Fires

For Gas Fireplace solution without a chimney