Outdoor Fireplaces


If you are looking for an outdoor fireplace for your client, you have different options. From design point of view it can be like a fireplace (hole in the wall type), open effect or glass fronted. Natural gas, LPG or bio ethanol fuel options. 

You can think about multi purpose coffee tables, we can offer standard size or bespoke solutions with all fuel bed choices. 

The outdoor fireplace market grow exponentially in the past years and more and more design and manufacturers entered to this market. We are offering the most reliable manufacturers wild range of firepits and firetables powered by gas, bioethnaol or solid fuel. 

Outdoor Fireplace Gallery

Take a peek inside our limitless design possibilities. (click on image to open gallery)

Outdoor Fireplaces

FOR A realistic fireplace feeling

Fire Tables

For enjoying flames from the table

Multi functional coffee table

For sitting around the fire with an edge

Fire Pits

FOR classic firepits

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