BROMIC Outdoor Heaters

Working with the UK nation wide distributor of the market leader Bromic brand.  We can directly offer it’s distinct Platinum and Tungsten ranges, all Bromic outdoor heaters are designed and engineered in-house and are constructed from premium materials to create products that strike the perfect balance between performance, reliability and beauty.

TIMC working with Bromic Heating has developed successful partnerships with some of the world’s leading Hospitality, Retail, Hotel and Leisure groups. A wealth of experience and a full understanding of process enables TIMC to offer Bromic heating to our commercial clients and a dedicated project support service.

The Bromic Smart-Heat range of outdoor heaters can be found in some of the world’s most high-profile shopping centres, hotels, casinos and leisure resorts. In London you can see our most recent installations in Covent Gardens, Kings Cross Coals drops yard or the Ned. For full list please contact us.

By working in partnership with our clients we are able to evaluate their site’s specific environment (calculating with wind expose, direction, required heat ..etc), in order to plan, advise and implement a successful heating strategy for the specific site. This streamlined and complementary service ensures our clients access the latest heating and control technology, and affords them the opportunity to best utilise their floor space to maximum floor place generated turnover for all season.




Please send us your floor plan and photos of surroundings and send to : , or book a free site visit here:
We are happy to discuss and/or help you finalise the following:

  • Existing Floor Plans
  • Layout and Environment
  • Energy Types
  • Project Budget
  • Heater Selections
  • Installation


Outdoor Heaters Gallery

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Electric outdoor radiant heaters


Gas outdoor radiant heaters


When you are thinking about an outdoor heating system for a reason to heat up a terrace, outdoor space to generate additional profit to your hospitality business by providing comfortable heat, you need to consider not just the unit price, but efficiency, running costs, IP (weather rating) and warranty conditions. For example have a look at the below chart comparing the running costs/m2 of Bromic LPG, natural gas and electric heaters to other general brand products.